Breaking through one step at a time.

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Our Mission:

Make disciples.

Total Breakthrough, Inc. is a discipleship and follow-up ministry located in Buffalo, NY. Thru greater unity within the body of Christ, we work with organizations regionally and nationally who are committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to help organizations intentionally follow-up and disciple, personally reaching out to individuals to help them walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ. 


Our Impact

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Currently, we oversee four marketplace church services per year. Through the help of many volunteers, we facilitate a complete church service at a secular company's training event, reaching out to business men and women with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

But our ministry doesn't stop there- we bring home hundreds of prayer requests and decision cards. We personally follow up with every individual, praying, encouraging, sending free bibles, providing online discipleship resources, and getting these individuals connected to their local church. 


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