New Beginnings

As the new year enters in, so many people around the world feel the sense of "starting over". It happens every year- new years resolutions, determination to make goals and changes for a better, healthier, and blessed life. Many of us have started new years resolutions with failing, and some of us have succeeded. No matter what goals you have for 2015, I hope they're ones that change your life for the better. But I also want to encourage you to change the things that truly matter in life.

What are the things that truly matter you may ask? Well, I believe those things to be in the heart. The INWARD character of a person is so much more important than the outward appearance of a man. And God is the only One who can change a person from the inside, out.

As humans, we are naturally selfish. And that selfishness causes so many problems that can be avoided. Were impatient, want things OUR way, we don't listen because we believe were right… the list of selfish issues can go on and on. Why not start the new year with the goal of allowing God to transform you into a selfLESS person? He is the only one who can accomplish such a task.

And what about loving more? This world NEEDS people of love and compassion. There are too many people who are doing things for their own gain. Who love with the selfish motives behind it. How about starting a goal with asking God to take you on a journey where you learn how to love. He IS love, and is the ONLY One who can show you what unconditional love looks like.

The INWARD heart of a man truly means more than any change we can make on the outside. Sure, losing weight, being healthy and other goals like such are important as well (I'm not saying they're not), but we also need to change the things that really make a difference in our lives and the people around us.

When we join God on whatever journey He takes us on, not only does He change us from the inside out, but He also gives us a fresh start. The length of time is different for all of us, but He can heal you from the hurt you have felt, help you to forgive, and set you free from anything that's holding you back. He can give your past, present, and future purpose and meaning. In Christ, we are truly given a fresh start. Were given a clean slate to start over.

God is looking for people who will know His heart in such a way that they would reflect that truth back to the world. He is looking for living vessels to use to show His glory through the world around us. Won't you join me on this journey, the journey of living for Christ and allowing Him to do what He pleases? Trust me, every other new years resolution will leave you feeling empty inside.

The only One who can satisfy your heart is the One who made it. I hope and pray that you discover the love that God has for you in 2015. That He would meet you in such a way that causes you to be in awe and wonder and would compel you to live for Him all the days of your life. He loves you, and IF you give your life to Him, I promise that 2015 will be the best, most fulfilling year for you yet.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here."

2 Corinthians 5:17

God bless and Happy New Year!

Your friend,