Just like the miraculous recovery that I was blessed with (a second chance) God is always drawing us to Him, the God of second chances. I can remember sitting in a business meeting listening intently to a top producer and soon to become friend who was sharing his story of the love and support he received during one of his darkest days. During this event, the Lord spoke to me and said “This is a second chance business.”  At the time I didn't realize exactly what that meant, but I went out and recruited many family and friends into the company. What I didn’t realize also was that the Lord was up to something, little did I know, that many of these individuals were dealing (or going to be dealing with) the storms of life. One by one, through the relationships we built, God was doing something special. He used this new network of people to draw them closer to Him through the love and examples that we witnessed.

 Countless people and then thousands have come to know and love the Lord over the last 18 years since that meeting. An amazing result of all this is when I needed prayer at a time of desperate need. These same people prayed and God honored their prayers.  He truly is a God of second chances.

 I am only one of many, many, many miracles that I have heard and witnessed since that time back in 1995.

 If you take time to focus and listen to the soft, quiet voice of the Lord, He will always be guiding you to a direction that will turn out to be a second chance for you!

 This all started when Jesus endured the cross and gave us a life of second chances! Take a moment today to praise Him and thank Him for what He did for you!

 “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace.”

Ephesians 1:7

God bless!

Your friend,


Dominic SecchiaroliComment