Lessons I’ve Learned from My Miracle

That God is still in the miracle business. That friends, family, and acquaintances will pray for you in a time of need. That we need to be ready at any time to pray, because the storms of life sometimes come suddenly. That even doctors and other medical professionals will give credit to a “high power” and to a miracle. That life and death are for a moment, and we need to get ready for that moment. That the devil wants to seek, kill, and destroy, but God wants to bless His children. That when storms come upon people that witnessed a miracle, they still don’t reach out for prayer when they need one. That people will pray for your miracle, but they won’t pray for their own. That God is a second chance God, and the second chance is always greater than the first. That the world will bombard you with an earthly perspective, but God will do whatever He has to to make sure you have an eternal perspective. That when you pray for someone, God will go to battle for them.

Wisdom is a miracle in advance. So seek wisdom, or someday you’ll need a miracle. That we all should get ready to pray for each other because your prayers could be the difference.

God bless, 

Dominic Secchiaroli

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