Sharing Your Victories

Your testimony that points to Jesus creates freedom for others.

In Revelation the Bible verse “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony” is a Scripture that points to our responsibility to share our victories!

As I shared this week at Bread of Life church in South Buffalo, my goal was to encourage people to fill out a prayer request. I use the Scripture to point to the power of answered prayer and the effect it will have on helping others overcome all that they are facing. The example I used was the story of the woman with the issue of blood.

This woman had been suffering for over 12 years with this affliction, spent all her money and no doctor could help her. She now sees Jesus moving through the crowd and decides to press in out of desperation and touch his garment. Jesus felt the power leave from him as the woman was healed! The exciting part of the story was just before this Jairus the leader of the synagogue, who was probably a nonbeliever went to Jesus and asked him to heal his daughter. I believe the reason he decided to go to Jesus is because he, like most in the region, had heard of all the miracles that Jesus had performed. He had been walking with Jesus when the woman with the issue of blood approached him and obviously saw her being healed.

Right after this had happened others came to Jairus and told him that his daughter had died. The amazing thing about this story is that Jairus should’ve lost his faith being a nonbeliever, but he had just witnessed a healing-Jesus told him ‘fear not only believe!’ I have to believe that his faith went through the roof with the healing of the woman with the issue of blood. This was enough to propel him to move him forward with Jesus to his home where his daughter was raised from the dead. The Scripture I referred to above “they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony” had a great effect on Jairus.

The real-life experience of this story as the woman with the issue of blood was healed-her testimony which obviously pointed to Jesus was the key that helped overcome his doubt about who Jesus was and that he could have a healing effect on his daughter. The amazing thing was that Jairus now had a testimony that pointed to Jesus which probably affected so many others in terms of them overcoming any non-belief. 

Can you imagine being the father of a daughter who was raised from the dead and not telling the world about it? He probably went from a nonbeliever to an amazing follower of Jesus! He undoubtedly may have been responsible for many other Jews coming to faith.

Now, I will share an awesome testimony from a faith filled friend named Dean Jones. Several years back he was on a boating trip with a friend and during their time together Dean’s muscle in his upper arm ended up moving into his elbow. Dean, believing in the awesome power of the Holy Spirit and his belief in healing prompted him to put his other hand on the elbow as he prayed for that healing. the muscle return to its proper location. This astonished his friend on the boat, but the real victory in the story came months later. Dean’s friend came to him and shared that he was diagnosed with cancer and obviously was very concerned about this diagnosis. Dean reminded him of the time he was on the boat and witnessed the healing. He suggested the reason that he was there was to prepare him for this moment in time. The reflection of the story increased that gentleman’s faith to believe that if God healed Dean, God could heal him too. With his renewed faith Dean prayed a healing word over his life and rebuked that cancer in the name of Jesus! In anticipation the gentleman went back to his doctor and to his astonishment the cancer was gone!! Again, as we see in this story Dean’s testimony that pointed to Jesus help this gentleman overcome. Now his victory over cancer pointed to Jesus and this testimony will surely help other people overcome. Again, the Scripture they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony is alive and well today!

In conclusion, we all have a responsibility to believe we can get through any struggle, adversity, circumstances or impossible obstacle, because that is one of the greatest ways for us to witness to others. As we overcome and share our testimony that points to Jesus others will overcome and the cycle continues. The more we pursue our relationship with the Lord and read the word, the greater victories we will have, which will have a greater impact on more people. Get excited about your victories and really get excited about others who have victories because you overcame.

God bless!

Your friend


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