What is Discipleship?


Jesus said to go and make disciples. What is discipleship? Discipleship is when we invest our time and spiritual energy into HELPING another person lay a solid foundation in the faith. The Bible refers to new believers in many passages as spiritual babies. When a baby is born you don't just leave it and hope it figures out how to feed itself and care for itself. That would be neglect. However, sadly that is what happens sometimes in the Body of Christ when people are led to the Lord. They are left to figure things out for themselves. There is not one person reading this who can't think of several people who have been going to Church for years but who couldn't give an answer for the hope they have for this life or the next. They are saved but purposeless. Unaware that beyond salvation they are called to GO and to DO the work of the ministry.

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Total Breakthrough Ministries exists to make disciples. It is the entire focus of the ministry. We reach out to thousands of people a year through effective and dynamic marketplace ministry events where many come to the Lord. Then we call everyone who submits a prayer card or decision card and we pray for them. We help them find a local church if they don't have one. We will send them a Bible if they need one. We provide free weekly online discipleship classes, scriptural edification via text, and instructional blog posts and emails. We help them lay a foundation in Christ that will hopefully serve them the rest of their lives. We believe the Bible when it says "Train up a child in the way he should go and in the end he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

The ministry is having its 2nd annual fundraiser this May 31st. You can support it by getting tickets and coming to eat some great food and to hear more about the ministry. If you can't attend but you believe that discipleship is important and you want to make an investment in the life of a new believer you can make an online donation at www.totalbreakthrough.org


The Total Breakthrough Team