A Miracle for Kristy

I have been fortunate throughout my years to have witnessed so many prayers that have been answered. Please continue to read below, it will encourage, inspire, and increase your faith!!!
Hoping your new year is full of the belief necessary to overcome all that comes your way!

Your friend,


"My daughter-in-law Kristy is a career officer in the Army National Guard, and has served two tours in Iraq. A year ago this time, she received deployment orders for Afghanistan. Part of the pre-deployment process is a complete physical to insure that the soldiers are free of any illness or injury. 

In Kristy’s physical the doctors discovered a fast growing tumor on her C5 vertebrae that had wrapped around her neck and encircled her carotid artery. The prognosis was not good. Aside from the doctors’ assumption that this was a cancerous tumor, we were told that the tumor had to be removed and in doing so there could be debilitating results. Not removing it would have been certain death for her.

The vascular surgeon told us that removal of the tumor around the arteries to her brain would be difficult and would most certainly require a loss of blood flow to her brain causing her to stroke or suffer permanent brain damage. The neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon told us that removal of the tumor from the vertebrae would be extremely difficult due to its location, and there was a strong possibility that the spinal cord would have to be severed, resulting in Kristy being a quadriplegic for the rest of her life. The minimal results would be that her neck would be fused from her C1 to C5 vertebrae with steel rods and bolts and she would never be able to turn her head side to side or up and down, thus ending her military career forever.
Needless to say, Kristy and my son, David were anxious. But we come from a strong family of believers in what God can do when faced with these kinds of circumstances. So we began to share with our friends and family Kristy’s story and asked them to pray for her. And I shared with my ACN worship team family through emails and text messages and asked for their prayers. In a matter of days, Kristy was being lifted up in prayer across this country throughout the ACN body of believers. 

On April 27th, the day of Kristy’s surgery my cell phone began to ring at 3:00am with text messages from people across the country sharing their prayers for her, and continued to do so throughout the day. The doctors told us the surgery would take at least 18 hours, but after only 13 hours they were back to tell us that things had gone amazingly well. 
The tumor had literally peeled of the arteries so blood flow to Kristy’s brain was never lost. The surgeons were able to remove the tumor and C5 vertebrae without infringing on her spinal cord, so there was no paralysis. The steel rods and bolts were inserted to hold her head up and her spinal column was fused, but the greatest news was there was no sign of cancer in the tumor. 

When the surgeons were through congratulating one another, I was never more proud of my son. After his words of thanks to them, he said, “I know that you are all good surgeons and I appreciate what you did, but you need to know you were blessed to be part of a miracle today, because the Great Physician was in that operating room through the prayers of hundreds of people across this nation who were lifting Kristy up and believing in that miracle.

Today, beyond the knowledge and understanding of the medical world, and her surgeons, Kristy is turning her neck, and nodding her head normally. She says, it’s because she has to chase after that 2 year old grandson of mine. But we know that it’s because God is still in the business of performing miracles.

I and my family have seen and experienced the power of prayer, and I want to personally thank all of you who prayed for Kristy. We know that God is still on the throne and He cares not just about the big things in our life, but even the little things. He listens, even when you think all is lost. So if you have a need or a burden in your life today, PLEASE take the time to fill out that prayer card on your seat and put it in that offering bag. Then we, as the ACN body of believers, can join together in lifting you up in prayer, and then just stand back and watch what God will do."