Baby Carmen Testimony

Dear Friends and Family,

We wanted to take a moment to share with you the story of the miracle of our son, Carmen Joseph LoConti.

On Thursday, November 6 as we landed in Anaheim CA for an ACN National Convention, we received a phone call from Lisa's OB who said that the baby tested positive for a rare chromosome disorder called Trisomy-18. We were in a crowded van on our way from the airport to the hotel as our doctor told us that if the test was correct, the baby would not make it full-term. If the baby did make it full-term, the massive birth defects that it would be born with would cause the baby to die within the first year of life. The doctor didn't know we were in California and told us that he need to see us in his office in 15-minutes. When we told him we were in California, there was dead silence on his end. Henry suggested catching the first plane back to Cleveland, but I had committed to the co-
founders of ACN to speak on Saturday afternoon. I would be training on the national stage in front of thousands of people, in just 2 days. We had to stay. We knew that leaving wouldn't do us any good because we wouldn't be able to see the doctor until Monday anyway. We hung up with the doctor and ended up calling him back 6 times with frantic questions that only left us crying even harder as we heard the devastating and fatal news about Trisomy babies. When we got to the hotel and went on-line for more information, the Internet only confirmed our fears.

Only God knows how we made it through that weekend or what I even said during my training. All we remember is diving into our faith and praying to God that He would handle this situation for us. For the first time, we knew that we were absolutely not in control of what was going to happen to our baby. This child was in God's hands, one hundred percent. On Monday morning we arrived home and went directly to the doctor's office to get a Level-2 Ultrasound to look for other physical indications of Trisomy-18. We were hopeful and faithful that morning that the Ultrasound wouldn't find anything that indicated that our baby had this disease. But towards the end of the ultrasound, the doctor found two cysts in the baby's brain that he said could indicate a Trisomy baby. We were devastated.Our OB told us that the only way we could have total peace of mind and confirm whether or not our baby had Trisomy, was to perform an Amniocentesis. He informed us that there was a 'one-in-200' chance that the baby could miscarry just because of the Amnio procedure. We knew for a fact that no matter what the true condition of our baby was, we were keeping it. We believe that if God blessed us with a pregnancy, He would also give us the strength to endure whatever happened.....our faith was strong. We were informed that if the Amnio confirmed the baby had Trisomy, they would give us the option to terminate the pregnancy. Since terminating this pregnancy was never an option for us, and we knew that the Amnio would not cure the baby, only satisfy our curiosity....we were torn as to whether or not to even have the procedure done. We prayed long and hard and even made the appointment. But on the morning of the Amnio we made the decision to cancel and just wait and pray. 

This is where all of you come in.......your prayers and notes of support started to flood in, and our strength grew. One month later, we had another Level 2 Ultrasound performed by the same doctor. The cysts in the baby's brain had disappeared. The doctors were conservative and said that the baby would be high risk for Trisomy until delivery and even after the baby was born, they would have to take blood right away and test the chromosomes. This would mean we would continue to wait until April.

On Monday, April 5, 2004 our son, Carmen Joseph LoConti was born. He weighed in at 7 lbs., 5 oz. and was 20 inches long. He appeared to be perfectly healthy. They drew his blood that same day and on Monday, April 19 (two weeks after he was born) at 9am we received a call from his doctor telling us the news we had been waiting to hear for 5 long months.......Carmen's chromosomes are normal! We will never know everyone who prayed for our child. But, our lives are forever changed by the love and support that we received from friends and strangers alike. We believe in the power of prayer and that God gives us choices. We were given several choices during this ordeal, but we knew the whole time that we were having this matter what. And, as with so many other trials and tests that all of us face in life, we are stronger for having gone through it.

Please pass this note on to anyone you know who prayed for Carmen. We are so grateful to all of you. We love you and may God Bless you and your families always.

-Henry and Lisa

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." -

Philippians 4:13

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