Jesus Heals a 7 Year Old Girl

Jesus heal’s 7 yr old girl

 This is written from her daddy Tom

June 6, 2015

On May 30, 2015, Dean Jones and I spoke on the telephone. We discussed Brianna’s ailing condition, from being bitten by a bug in her eye. This was day 2 of Brianna being In the ICU at Royal Oak Beaumont hospital. Brianna was being treated for numerous possible viruses and bacterial infections. One suspected was Kawasaki’s disease. Others have not been ruled out.

Brianna’s blood counts were extremely low, her spleen was enlarged, and gall bladder walls were thick, heart rate 150-170 bpm, fever as high as 105, blood pressure as low as 55/29, pneumonia on the left lung that began to spread to the right lung. Very large lymph nodes on the left side, left ventricle enlargement, an inflamed/leaky area in the in the right atrium.

There were many tubes of blood drawn many (7) IV’s and lots of medication administered to Brianna.  

Her left eye on Sunday May 24, 2015. Some doctors believe that the bite from the bug inside of her left eyelid (which they found under her eyelid) contributed to this sickness. Other doctors don’t believe this to be true.

 Many family and friend’s called us and prayed for Brianna’s recovery. These were people of many different religious faiths.

A friend of ours Dean Jones visited Brianna on June 2,2015. Dean came from work to visit. Dean is a true believer in Jesus, and speaks the word of God. He has the deepest faith in our savior Jesus than any person I’ve ever known. The following occurred when Dean arrived around 7pm.

Dean entered the room wearing his work uniform (fire truck mechanic) as he had just finished his shift. He introduced himself to everyone in the room, including Brianna. Present in the room was myself, Christina (my wife/ Brianna’s mother) Anthony (Brianna’s younger brother) Matt & Janice Walters (Grandpa & grandma) Soon, Shelly (Janice daughter)via telephone.

We all talked for about 10 minutes. After Dean suggested that we all pray together for Brianna. Brianna appeared to be very comfortable having Dean present.

She had not met Dean prior to this meeting today.

Dean carries his bible and anointing oil with him. He opened his carrying case and from it, he removed his bible and oil. At this point, he asked me to approach Brianna’s bed side. He told me that as Brianna’s daddy I was the spiritual authority over her, that I was going to pray to Jesus for Brianna’s healing. Dean had me hold my hands up to the Lord and he prayed over me as he anointed my head and hands with oil. (the oil represents the blood of Christ) he then instructed me to place my hands on Brianna’s head and to ask Jesus to heal Brianna. I did so and as I prayed I could feel Dean’s hand on my back.

My experience began as follows. As I began to pray, I heard nothing, nothing. There were no sounds of the hospital monitors or equipment in the room, no people talking in the hallway or other rooms, no phones ringing and no interruptions from the hospital staff.

I couldn’t even sense anyone else in the room around Brianna’s bed other than Dean’s hand on my back.

My vision was contained to this small area between my extended arm and hands that were on Brianna’s head. I had no peripheral vision. The area between my arms had a faint cloudy white like appearance ( the glory cloud of the Lord) and I could see a little bit of Brianna’s hair and cheek past my hands, as I prayed to Jesus. When I was done, Dean began to pray as the Holy Spirit led him.

When he was done praying everything went back to normal. The sounds of the hospital and movements resumed. A nurse came into the room as well.

 We talked a little more.  As Dean was leaving, Brianna’s heart rate on the monitor was now down in to the 90’s bpm and her b/p rose to more acceptable numbers.

Brianna’s was discharged on June 3, 2015.

I asked her the evening of June 4, 2015. What she and how she felt about Mr. Dean coming to the hospital to praying for her?  She told me the following: Daddy when Mr. Dean walked into the room I knew that I was going to be okay.

I asked how she felt when we prayed to Jesus, to heal her from this illness. Brianna said that when I had my hands on her head. When Mr. Dean was praying she felt a warm felling over her body and felt like she wasn’t sick any more.

 June 3,2015 Earlier this day and the other days before this, Brianna ate very little or no food at all. She simply didn’t feel well enough to eat.

On June 4, 2015 when she was about to be discharged from the hospital’s ICU to go home. Brianna told her mom (Christina) that she was hungry and wanted something to eat. Christina asked her what she wanted to eat? Brianna said steak, green beans And mashed potatoes and gravy!!

This was a little girl who only 18 hrs earlier wanted nothing to do with food.

Glory be to Jesus and Jesus alone for it is he who is the healer.

By the stripe he took on his back we are healed. Amen

For the Lord says that we will do greater works than he, because he set at the right hand of the father.

So step out in faith and speak the word of the Lord over what ever you are dealing with and Jesus will surely be there for you! When Tom shared this great testimony withme about Brianna wanting something to eat he said what is that. I replied that my friend is a HEALED little girl!!!! Amen

With Christ all things are possible

Grateful to be a vessel used for the Lords Glory!! 


-Dean Jones

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