God Cares More Than We Know

Below is an email that was sent by a member of our team. He was praying for Iris, someone who asked this ministry for prayer. 

Here is our team member's email:


 Just wanted to write and let you know that I am praying for you today.
There was a time in my life that I owed thousands on credit cards and then lost my job. When the bills would come in I would just lift them up in the air and thank Jesus for taking care of my bills. Within six months I received monies (I still had not returned to work) that more than paid off my credit cards and I had a surplus in my savings. Then a few months later (while still unemployed) I inherited a house.

The Bible says that we should cast our cares upon God because he cares about us. You can cast your debts upon God and he will take care of them. He is your provision. If you have gotten into trouble taking more debt than you could afford (like me) than just tell God you are sorry and ask for his grace and wisdom to enable you to make better financial decisions. He will do it because he loves you.

I will join my prayers with yours for the gambling spirit to be broken off of your parents.
Blessings on you,
Amazing Christian Network


Here was Iris's response: 

Hello Mark,

While reading your message at 5am.....Tears keep rolling down and realized that even I am overwhelmed with my debts, I believe with God's promises. In His perfect time..

Many thanks for your loving prayers. Amazing Christian indeed you are!

In Him We Live,

Mark didn't know Iris's circumstance, but God did. 

We serve a mighty God that sees every detail of our lives.

He sees us, loves us, and cares more than we know. 

God bless and may you encounter the rich love of our heavenly Father today!