Fall 2018 Newsletter

In 2016 we re-branded this ministry that has been around for 20 years. What started as Amazing Christian Network, formed into Total Breakthrough, a non-profit dedicated to discipleship through greater unity.

As we’ve been casting new vision and direction for the ministry, we felt a strong lead from the Lord to start dreaming of what He wants to accomplish in Buffalo. As you know, our ministry was birthed out of arena church services in partnership with a network marketing company. As we’ve been working towards solidifying our follow-up for our arena based services, there was a resounding thought in our hearts that kept saying, “We’re in Buffalo for a reason.”

Through lots of prayer and discussion, we believe God is developing Total Breakthrough to be a blessing to the church of Western New York and to the nation. This means that we want to partner with churches and para-church ministries who are also centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ, to bless and encourage their group to follow Jesus and assist with discipleship in any way we can. One example of this is through our prayer calls- a phone call asking to pray for someone is a simple gesture, but it encourages the individual to continue to follow God. We believe in the power of prayer. When we choose to pray for someone it can literally shift the trajectory of a life, infusing them with the strength and courage to keep following Jesus.

Unfortunately, even the church is bogged down by the weight of the world- burdened by sin and brokenness. Christ died for us so we can walk free from what holds us back. Our heart is to see the church in this region and nation truly walk in the freedom and purpose that God has in store for His children.

We also want to partner with organizations who are doing evangelism- to be an “on-ramp” for new believers into the church. We are not here to replace the church, but to be an asset- to show new believers (and seasoned) what it means to be a disciple of Christ, and to teach them the fundamentals of making that decision. As we do this, our hope is that new disciples of Christ would get excited to serve the church and world, rather than have a consumer mentality. God has callings and gifting on each and every one of us- we just want to play a part in encouraging the church to seek God with their whole heart and experience the fullness of what He has for them.

Through our experience over the past 20 years, we believe we now have a model that can be replicated to use in partnership with outreach and evangelistic organizations throughout the nation. Along with that, our long term goal is the establish a discipleship center in Buffalo. We will continue to carry this vision in our hearts as we are faithful with the process it will take to get there.

We are excited because we are just one of many organizations in this region and nation that has a heart for unity and the saturation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are humbled to play a small role in this new era of the church and can’t wait to see what the future will hold! With that said, we rely on your prayers and financial support. Would you consider partnering with us?

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Hear what people are saying…

 "I have to tell you that God's timing is incredible. I haven't been spending time with God like I should. So I decided I was going to spend time with Him today and I had feelings of doubt as to whether or not God would spend time with me after I have been away from Him. I was just spending time with Him when you called to pray for me and encourage me. God is incredible." – Debra from Ontario

“I can’t believe you guys called me right now. God’s timing is incredible. I have to leave my job and find another job and have so much stuff going on right now and you call to pray for me. I feel like God has put a blanket around me and I know I am going to be alright. Thank you so much. God bless you.” - Raymond from California. 

“I made the decision to give my life to the Lord completely… And honestly, it was the best decision I have ever made. Prior to that, I only found myself praying when I wanted something… praying when I was in trouble or when I needed help or guidance. But then I realized that wasn’t fair because God is with us every step of the way. I was being selfish. At the service, I felt God’s presence and love. It was as if the pastor was speaking directly to me- in 2018 I made a promise to get baptized, go to a bible believing church, get on my knees and learn to pray, get to know God and the word… my life has completely changed, I’m a new person.” – Betzy from New Jersey

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